Permission Granted



Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those that draw maps, not those who follow them. – Seth Godin

What do you most want to accomplish in your work life? What lives within your career core? If I know anything at all about work life — it’s the realization that underneath it all, we have some sort of core purpose we’re attempting to affect. I also know this element is often shrouded by the business of our work lives (the necessary meetings, reports, travel). We don’t commonly think or express this core.

But, it’s there. Bubbling in your mind. Waiting in the wings.

We simply haven’t declared it.

We’ve not fully owned it.

I know contributors who live out their work life core each and everyday. They live out their purpose. They chip away at that core problem. They recognize the connection. They are aligned with their own purpose — because they have clarified that purpose.

It’s vital to bring this core to the surface. To connect with it. To offer it the attention it deserves. To ponder it. To explore it. Declare it to be yours.

Don’t wait any longer.

Draw that map. Make that connection for others. Share what you’ve observed. What you have learned and taken to heart. This will only make your work stronger, as it will guide your behavior and choices.

So, go ahead.

Chew on it.

Permission granted.

Live.Work.Think.Play shares observations concerning a wide array of topics. It is designed to share lessons learned from a variety of perspectives.

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