Looking Failure in the Eye

HorseraceFailure lingers.

Much like a fading scar or a clearing bruise.

Whether it is a failed conversation, interview, project, presentation or relationship — it bites. It clenches. It hangs on.

It is easy to stew there and toy with the idea that there is nothing else. That trying again is fruitless. Embarrassing, even sadistic.

However, to move forward and possibly fulfill a destiny (whatever that may be) we have to meet it head on. Push away the monster sitting on your chest.

Rediscover you passion for people and work.

Look it in the eye and say,

“You do not matter.”

Please note: I’m sharing more during the holiday season — 30 Thoughts for 30 Days!

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. She is a charter member of the LinkedIn Influencer Program. Her thoughts on work life have appeared in various outlets including Talent Zoo, Forbes, Quartz and The Huffington Post.



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