The New Travel: Think Unwind. Think Weekend


I’m not a huge fan of travel these days. There — I said it.

A little sightseeing and my favorite Instagram travel feeds (you know who you are) are enough for me.

I’ve done more than my fair share of travel — and for now, well — I’m on an extended hiatus from extended fun. When I see photos of exotic destinations, I don’t become “gooey” inside. I simply mumble “nope, not me”.

Call me the “anti-lifestyle” blogger. Or the “fit your own life” blogger. Or the “she likes her own pillow” blogger. I’m advocating for the life that fits me. Your life should meet you where you are, as well. At the moment weekends are the right amount of prescribed “fun”.

Europe and exotic locales will still be all the rage. Just give me a great weekend getaway and I’m good.


Throw in a view.

Even better.

Eco-friendly travel is on the radar, after all — and many of us are becoming aware of our own carbon footprint. (One trans-Atlantic trip leaves quite a wake.)

Weekend trips are always a great option. Offering rest and relaxation for those of us who do not have the time (or resources) for an extended vacation — or who simply do not enjoy being away from the comforts that home offers for too long.

Here are a few destinations on my radar.
Hoping one is close to you:

Kentucky Horse Country. Don’t even get me started about this destination. (It’s been on my wish list for years). Start with the horses, move on to lush green farms, and end with the race to end all races — the Kentucky Derby. Whether you decide to visit Louisville or Lexington, charm abounds.

You had me at “neigh”.

Vacation-wise this locale has always eluded me. I’m over it. Next time, it’s my pick. I’m pretty sure I would opt to stay at either an estate or a B & B. But, that’s entirely up to you. These properties can be quite beautiful. Inspiring, really.

Mare With Her Colt On Pastures Of Horse Farms.
Kentucky Bed & Breakfast Association

Chicago. Old blues eyes was right — Chicago is your kind of town. Great architecture (take a tour), food (Don’t miss Wolfy’s) and shopping (if that’s your thing). I had the pleasure of calling it home for a short time (I was born in Hyde Park) — and the number of memorable spots are countless. My all time favorite thing was Black & white creme brulee & coffee at The Pump Room. But, sadly, it recently closed. You can still hit the venues that Sinatra and the rest of the “Rat Pack” called home. See some great ideas from right here.

2013-07-24 13.32.48

Austin, Texas. This place is the like the big little town that could. It’s a state capital and a college town and a foodie mecca and a bit alternative all at the same time. (Yet, somehow it still retains that “Texas” feel) How does Austin do that! The food is decidedly great (Can you say brisket on the Bar-B-Q?). Don’t forget to “two-step” while you are there — it’s loads of fun, once you master the rhythm. (See a list of hot spots here.)

Franklin Barbecue
Bill Addison/Eate

Do you have a weekend destination that is just perfect? Share it with all of us.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk writes about life and career. Her posts have appeared at various outlets worldwide including US News & World Report, Forbes, Quartz and The World Economic Forum.

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One thought on “The New Travel: Think Unwind. Think Weekend

  1. Thanks for this — excellent point. Times have changed, but we still need things to work well and promote positive and enriching experiences that augment and perhaps counteract the pressures of a busy work-life and other commitments.


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