Brands to Love (and Respect): MAKE Beauty


I’m not one for following beauty rules.

Like many women, I have a strong opinion about what I require as far as cosmetics are concerned. I’m great with informed advice — but don’t push the latest shade of “whatever”.

It may not suit my personal sense of style.

Cosmetics should be about self-expression — and that is exactly what MAKE Beauty is all about. (I would describe their line as both colorful and architectural.) They have appeared on a number of “best of lists”, including one list that really made us sit up and take notice: Brands that give back.  In fact, 10% of their sales is devoted to the Wee See Beauty Foundation, which supports community based female entrepreneurs that require support to flourish. (This year, New York based MAKE launched an international campaign with Net-a- Porter and much more is on the way.)

We can only wish them the best of luck.

Below, find a few of their products that make a whole lot of sense (that’s code for unique and affordable). One of their products, The Universal Stick, $24 can be used on your lips and cheeks. Better yet, it changes color with contact.

Lat us know what you think of their products.

The Universal Stick; $24:


MAKE Sampler; $10:


Blot Pot Rouge; $20:


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