Balance is a 7 Letter Word


I’m not one for balance — even as I acknowledge its discussed virtues. While seeking balance is a much advised state, moving from one (near) obsession to another better describes my operative approach. It may not be considered ideal. However, I’ve learned it is wise to respect our own tendencies. Working with them, and not against them.

I am passionate about a variety of topics from the coffee I drink each morning (and the cup that accompanies it) — to the future of work life. With a strong interest in a topic, my energy levels can soar. Getting lost in that brings me joy.

I’ve watched other individuals stoke the fire of their interests, as well (I’ll be interviewing quite a few of them here at Live.Work.Think.Play). I would venture to say they are also happier for it. Being true to you, is a gift you can offer yourself.

Somehow when you focus on putting the right number of minutes in each corner, you lose the possibility of both the highs and the lows.

But when you indulge what matters most, the minutes seem to multiply.


Seeking balance can be over-rated.

I believe it is quite difficult to attain and almost worthless to chase.

So I’ve stopped.

I am satisfied with feeling energized (or driven) on any given day. The ultimate trick, I suppose, is aligning those near obsessions with the larger goals of your life. However, my overriding opinion is that if you indulge your passions, everything else becomes easier.

I suppose that’s the only balance I’ll ever muster.

What are your “near” obsessions? Have they brought you joy? Have you found your own type of balance?

Marla Gottschalk is an avid blogger and Industrial/Organizational psychologist. Live.Work.Think.Play shares observations concerning a wide array of topics. It is designed to share lessons learned, from a variety of perspectives.


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